L ive today intentionally..thought that up while out on a walk escaping my wfh boredom. I kept asking myself, what can I call this blog that I so desperately want to write! So, I asked myself what is it that I want, and why a blog? I have recently been trying to be more present. Both at work and at home. If you are anything like me, you are a master multitasker with way too many things on your plate at any given moment. I have on my 2020 vision board to be more present, while on my vision board that only pertains to motherhood, it also can be applied in other areas of our lives. While I don’t claim to be a present mother, worker, friend at all times, I do have a few tips and tricks for getting there. If that’s your goal.

I set out to keep an open mind and continue growing, CHEESY! But, so true. I set out to find a way to self-express some of the things I’m feeling and going through in my own life journey, my hope is that you can relate to some, and hey, if it helps you then great!

I woke up a thirty-something-year-old single mother to four and thought more than once, I’ve done everything I’m supposed to…now what? I graduated college, I have a steady career..there has to be more to life than this, surely? To help me discover what else there is and to gain meaning from my life I am choosing to share my life and my stories with you. Through these stories, you will find humor, fun, sad, moments of weakness… all of those human emotions. So, along the way, I hope you laugh as much as you cry.

I am a recently divorced mother to four children, one fully grown and three at home yet. My oldest son is twenty and lives about 3 miles from me. I hear from him when he needs money. My next son is seventeen and getting ready to go to college on the west cost. (Graduation during a pandemic is weird. Read about his thoughts on it here. Then there is my one and only daughter, she is eleven (going on 20.) While she looks like her dad in every possible way, she is me in mini form personality-wise, she is a hoot. Then there is the baby of the family, my now eight-year-old son. He is a typical boy, loves to be outside and enjoys stuffed animals.

I work for a large corporation in the tech industry, I LOVE my job. I just started a few months ago, but definitely feel I am just where I belong and I have really enjoyed learning the culture there, it is like nothing I’ve ever seen! Their motto is “growth mindset,” so you can imagine I fit right in.

In my free time… I’m a mom, there isn’t much of that, but when I do find time I find myself reading or writing. I love to find a spot at the park and read until the sun goes down.