There are two of me

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle – Best pick up at Barnes and Noble yet! I actually googled “best self-help books for progress” a few weeks ago to get going on this journey, I’d like to see some progress! (Instant gratification…, still working on that…) One of the very first questions in this book was quite challenging, have you ever said to yourself “I cannot live with myself any longer?” Doesn’t this suggest there is more to us than our thinking? How many of ‘us’ are in here? Without getting too far into the complexities of the mind, I would agree with Tolle, there is a “me” and then there is my “being.” We’ve likely all felt that being at some time in our lives. I know the very first time I felt it was at a Church when I decided to give myself to Jesus. It was a moment I felt absolutely joyful and terrified at the same moment. The next time in my life I felt that being within me was at a song circle. (Think Sanskrit chanting in a circle, on the floor,) it was awesome. This second time I felt her, I will call her, her, it lasted a lot longer than the first time and it was truly moving and felt, well it felt like something I cannot even describe with words. It was amazing.

My true nature as the ever-present “I am: consciousness in its pure state prior to identification with form.”

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do? Question the motives behind your actions? Were your actions in search of validation? Security? Love? Were they to seek revenge? Seeking justice? How many of your actions can you stand by today and say with utter certainty that given the knowledge you have now you would have acted the same? I know I can’t, for a great deal of my actions. Depression, guilt, anxiety – all household names these days. But did you know that guilt is putting too much focus on the past while anxiety is putting too much focus in the future? This combination and jumping back and forward is a direct loss to the now according to Tolle. It makes sense, when you break it down. Take for example, a person who is constantly setting goals, they may be thought to be a person who lives to arrive. Or a person who plays the pity card, or relives their life over and over again in their head wishing they could go back. Written out into words it sounds like insanity. But so many of us live this way. How many moments have we lost that could have held meaning, lost to the past or thrown onto the future? To live in the now is to enjoy the journey, take each moment as it comes.

“Accept it as though you had chosen it.”

Nowhere in Tolle’s writing does he tell us we should not make future plans!oWhen I first started reading about his take on guilt and anxiety, I identified right away with living so much of my life in the future. (don’t be fooled, I live in the past too at times.) However, as I was reading about living in the Now, it occurred to me, how can I live in the now and ever get anything done? If I were to truly take notice and focus only on today – how would I set any goals? I think the meaning behind not putting too much focus on the future, means just that. When the future comes it will be now. So, I will continue to make my goals, make my plans, but my focus is changing. I find myself focussing more on the process of getting there. Goals are meant to be achieved, sure, but don’t you spend the most of your time trying to get there? The process, that is where the now is.

By far one of the best books I’ve purchased, and I’m not even half way into it yet, but it has sparked so many thoughts for me, I wanted to get a head start and share some of them with you.

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